Monday 12 December 2011

**Special Prize Draw Winners**

It's TIME!
Drum roll!  Fanfare!  Applause!
YES ... the moment has finally arrived to announce the lucky winner of our
Bah! Humbug! Special Prize Draw 2011 
We popped the names of all those who had completed 30 or more of our challenges during 2011 into our distinctive Special Glowing Santa Hat ...

Gave it a good ol' shake ... rummaged around ... shook some more ... dug down deep and plucked out 2 names. So without further ado ....
Special 1st Prize Winner 2011
Karen - Serendipity Dragonfly
who will receive a collection of rubber stamps, glitters and all manner of yummy items that any crafter needs.

Runner up Prize Winner 2011
Sandra - Is That The Time?
who will receive a smaller ... but still delicious ... collection of scrumptious crafty goodies.

Please e-mail us with your address details at  
AS SOON AS YOU CAN so we can hopefully get your prizes sent before the Christmas rush.
We would have loved to be able to send out a prize to each and every one of our loyal participents, but due to total failure of Camelot to pick our numbers for yet another year ... YA BOO SUCKS ... our purse strings simply won't stretch to buying enough goodies for everyone.  However, we hope you all know how much we appreciate all the wonderful creations you have shared with us during this year and also the really kind comments about how much you have enjoyed participating in our challenges.  Thank you all so much.

So now to the 'not so good' news ...
Creating and running Humbug Hall has been an absolute blast, but sadly it's badly in need of repair and regeneration.  There is a huge crack in the heating boiler that even Pinflair glue cannot fix and the wind whistles through the chips in the window panes so loudly that it easily drowns out the Ghost of Christmas Past moaning in the corridors, not to mention the howls of the Humbug Hounds.
Alas, it's not only the Hall that needs an overhaul!  We Humbuggers would benefit from a bit of renovation too!  So after much soul searching we've both decided to close Humbug Hall for a while while we recharge our batteries, fill in the cracks and touch up the paintwork.  We're undecided how long this will take ... it may be a few months or possibly even a whole year ... Who knows?   But when all the repairs have been carried out, when the cleaners have spit and polished us back to a sparkling condition and when we're ready to unlock the doors again, we sincerely hope that you won't have forgotten all about Bah! Humbug! ... Humbug Hall and The Humbuggers.
All the challenges from the last 2 years, will remain available for you to revisit any time you may need a bit of inspiration, so feel free to browse at your leisure.   We certainly intend to continue crafting and will be pootling out'n'about in blogland, maybe even joining in with other challenge groups,  (including some of the Christmas ones listed in our sidebar), so no doubt we'll catch up with many of you here and there.
In the meantime, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all again from the heart of our bottoms ... or is it the other way round? ... hmmmm ... no matter LOL ... and wish everyone
A Very Merry-licious Christmas
May Your Homes Be Filled With 
Love, Laughter and Happiness 
For The Festive Season And Always
Luv From
Ann & Max
"The Humbuggers"