Friday, 28 January 2011

Challenge 4 ... An Oldie but a Goldie...

Well, what a week this has been?  
Here at Humbug Hall we have been totally blown away by the ingenuity of our loyal crafting friends.  Wow, it didn't matter that you didn't have paper, rubber stamps or anything involving crackers.  It didn't even stop you joining in if you didn't know what crackers were until this challenge.  You just let your brain think outside the box and blew our socks off with your brilliant ideas and
fantastic creations.  Think you all deserve a huge pat on the back and an easy peasy challenge.

So putting rambling aside our challenge this week is...

'An Oldie but a Goldie'
We loved this one at Humbug Hall and we're sure you will too.  Travel back in time and dust off that craft stash that you loved so much once, but haven't used for a while.  It could be a rubber stamp that's been at the back of your drawer for ages or maybe an embossing folder or perhaps some papers that are so precious that you've stroked them plenty, but never actually cut into them.
Now is the time to get into action, use them and share them with us at Bah! Humbug!  
I'm afraid the news is still not that good here at Humbug Hall.  Max's craft stash is still in the vaults being ferociously guarded by the hounds.  It's the only way to make sure she gets herself fit for the year ahead.   Also sadly, Irene is not recovering as fast as we would have liked and is still unable to join us.  Come on Irene - we miss you.
However, there is a light on the horizon as Carol our amazing guest designer has not only made a fabulous card for us this week, but has also agreed to stay on for another month.  Yeah - what a star.  Ann's here too and this week has got quite carried away and done a trio of cards using her old stash.

As always if you would like to know more about the cards on display or leave a comment (we love comments) please click on the links above each card.

The deadline for this challenge is

12 noon (UK time)
Thursday 3rd February 2011
You are free to create whatever you like ... it doesn't have to be a card ... in fact, show us as many different Christmas Projects as you want to share.  
Just remember ... have fun and don't forget to leave us a direct link to your project in our comment box so we can come and admire your creativity.

Ann, Irene, Max

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Spot Prize Time...

Yeah, it's time for our first Spot Prize of 2011 and it's a cracker!  Literally!
Yep, this time, one lucky Loyalty Club Member is going to receive this beautiful cracker crammed full of crafting stash as a little gift from the team here at Humbug Hall.

Just to clarify for our new participants, to be a Loyalty Club Member and in with a chance of winning one of our random spot prizes, you have to be a regular participant at Bah! Humbug!  We realise that sometimes life gets in the way and it's not always possible to enter every week, but we do keep a record so we know who enters most weeks and although it is still early in the challenge year, we are already seeing regular faces, which is wonderful.
Now ... without further ado our spot prize this week is going to the crafty lass at
Sorry we don't know your Christian name but Congratulations and thank you for your beautiful entries in our first few challenges.
KSD Creations  Challenge cards can be seen here, here and here
Please could you contact us within the next few days with your address details so that we can get your prize posted.  Our Bah! Humbug! email address is in the side bar as is our Loyalty Banner which you can display in your own blog sidebar, should you wish.
Everyone else, don't feel too blue that it wasn't your name pulled out of the hat this time because there will be plenty more prizes along the way AND don't forget anyone who enters 30 or more challenges before we close in December automatically qualifies for entry into our 2011 Grand Prize Draw.  
Oooooooooooh ... how exciting is that?
There's still loads of time to enter this week's Crackers Challenge here and we promise that our new challenge on Friday is going be one where you can breathe a little sigh of relief cause it's a nice easy one.  Yeah!

We don't usually have adverts or sponsorship on Bah! Humbug! as it is a 'purely for fun' challenge, but we have to tell you this.  One of our friends and a Bah! Humbug! fan found like many of us that she hadn't got any cracker stamps so she drew her own!  Wow, wish I had seen these last week.  Anyhow if you are interested check out Ann's site here.  
Have also found several Christmas Cracker freebies available to print and colour from Activity Village  HERE , HERE , HERE and HERE.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Challenge 3 ... Christmas Crackers...

Humbug Hall echoed with little rumbles of dismay after we set our Stencil Challenge last week and, for a few heart stopping moments, we wondered whether the entries would even achieve double figures!   
However, you were able to shrug off the fingers of fear, dust down your long neglected stencils, and, (despite protests claiming lack of ability), prove to us that you are all a raving bunch of 'blethers' - click for definition
Seriously though, we saw some absolutely fabulous stencilled 'eye candy' as we checked out the entries so had to ask ...  
"What on earth were you all worried about?"   
So this week we don't want to hear any ridiculous 'blethering' nonsense and expect everyone to be confident and enthusiastic for our challenge of 
Christmas Crackers
Before we show some examples, we have some news ...
**Bad News**

Max's crafty stash had to be confiscated to the cellar this week and will remain there until she recovers from the surgery to her broken arm, because she can't be trusted not to 'dabble' ... naughty Max!   It is being guarded by the Humbug Hounds and will be perfectly safe provided she doesn't attempt a rescue.   
**Good News**
Irene will hopefully be rejoining us again soon and is obviously being missed by many of you.  Your kind get well messages are certainly very much appreciated by us all.  
**Best News**
We are lucky enough to have the creative talents of Guest Designer Carole and Humbugger Ann to provide you with this week's inspiration and ideas.  If you want to know more details about these 'cracking' projects ... groan ... simply click the names below to visit their personal blogs.

The deadline for this challenge is

12 noon (UK time)
Thursday 27th January 2011
You are free to create whatever you like ... it doesn't have to be a card ... in fact, show us as many different Christmas Projects as you want to share.  
Just remember ... have fun and don't forget to leave us a direct link to your project in our comment box so we can come and admire your creativity. 

Ann, Irene, Max

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Top Tip Tuesday Number 3...

If you're planning on matting and layering on to a really special piece of designer paper or glitter card sometimes it's a good idea to use the middle section before you actually mat on to the piece.  In the photo you can see that I've cut out the frame and the snowflakes I needed for my card before adding the white section.  Once the white layer goes on top nobody knows there are holes underneath and it's makes the card lighter to post too.  Doing this means that my other sheet of glitter card is untouched and ready to use another day.

Once you know the size of mat you need it's possible to use a craft knife to cut a section out of the middle and then that can be used for something else.

I usually draw my frame on the reverse of my paper/card before cutting out and I do tend to make the frame quite a large one.

As you can see once cut out you have a great frame to mat the patterned paper on to and also a piece suitable for matting an image on to or using in a die cut machine.

Here's the patterned paper in place ready to be attached. 

Perhaps you already do this when crafting, but if not it's worth knowing especially at those times when you have only one sheet of a colour you really want to use and need to make it go as far as possible.
Thanks for visiting and reading this week's Top Tip Tuesday.  Hope everyone is enjoying using those stencils.  The Stencil challenge is here and there is still lots of time to enter your cards.
Ann, Irene and Max xxx

Saturday, 15 January 2011

We have a winner..,

Drum roll please..

The winner of the Holly Fairy stamp set and CD in our monthly prize draw challenge this month is...

Chris B from The Messy Craftroom

Yeah, congratulations Chris.  Just revisited your entry for our challenge and read that our challenge was the very first time you have entered any challenges.  Wow, what a great start.  You will soon be completely addicted like all the rest of us.
Please can you contact us here at Humbug Hall so that we can send your prize off as soon as possible.  Our email address is

Everyone else - so sorry we can't give you all a prize, but as our loyal followers from last year already know there are always super surprises happening here at Humbug Hall.  If you join in challenges regularly you're automatically a loyalty club member and you just never know when your name will be pulled out of the hat for a spot prize. 
'It could be you' as they used to say on the advert.
Don't forget our latest challenge is to use stencils - brass - plastic - peel off stencils.  The choice is huge and it's completely up to you how you use them.  You can find the stencil challenge HEREWe have had some amazing entries so far, but we'd love to see more.  So come on show us what you can do.

Ann, Irene and Max xxx

Friday, 14 January 2011

Challenge 2 ... Using stencils...

Think it's safe to say Bah! Humbug! is back with a vengence as we had a terrific response to our first challenge of 2011.  It was wonderful seeing the return of  so many familiar faces from last year and a brilliant boost to see a few newbies keen to join in too.   All names have now been entered into the prize draw and the random winner of our Flower Fairies Stamp and CD set will be announced over the weekend ... so keep a look out for that.
But in the meantime, let's make a start on our next challenge and let's see how you use your
Stencils are probably one of the most versatile items you can have in your stash as there are several techniques that can be applied when using them.  
... you can apply chalks, paint or inks with a stipple brush or applicator
... you can emboss with them to create a raised design 
... the shapes can be drawn around and cut out from card or fabric before  being added to your project AND if you're really careful with the scissors, the negative can be used for another crafty item!
... they can be flipped to create mirror images which is great for gatefold cards
These are just a few simple ideas and no doubt you can think of other fabulous ways to be creative with stencils.  So SHOW US!
Our Guest Designer Carole obviously loves using stencils and she is sharing 4 ... YES 4 ... beautiful examples of stencil work with us.  
Our Humbugger Ann has worked some stencil magic with embossing paste and glitter, giving gorgeous results, as always.  
As for me (Max) ... well ... ahem ... I haven't quite finished my project yet but have got a good reason for being late this week which will be explained on my blog.  Make sure you bring some tea and sympathy with you LOL!
*Edit: Picture now added*
If you want to know more details about our projects or want to find out why I'm so late this week ... simply click the names below to visit our personal blogs.

Brass Stencil
Mask Stencil

Using a stencil, embossing paste and glitter


The deadline for this challenge is

12 noon (UK time)
Thursday 20th January 2011
You are free to create whatever you like ... it doesn't have to be a card ... in fact, show us as many different Christmas Projects as you want to share.  
Just remember ... have fun and don't forget to leave us a direct link to your project in our comment box so we can come and admire your creativity.

Ann, Irene, Max

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Top Tip Tuesday ... on Wednesday!

Well, there's one thing about us girls at Humbug Hall we certainly keep you on your toes!  Just when you think that Tuesday is the day for Top Tips we spring one on a Wednesday and it's another goodie.  Well, it is if you haven't already donated last year's cards to a charity collection or (eeeeeeeeek) the bin.

Our tip this time is ...

'Recycle last year's Christmas cards.'

Not the beautiful handmade ones you have received of course.  They are far too precious to tamper with, but all those shop bought ones that might end up in a bin or taken to a recycling collection.  Well, why not recycle them yourselves.
On my 8" x 8" card I've used the whole of the front of an old card.  It didn't cost me anything to print and I didn't even have to add glitter as that was already on too.  What a bargain!?  All I had to do was mat and layer the image onto matching card, add some embellishments and a little embossing using my Fisker's Shape boss and hey presto card is finished.
Hope when you have a look through your cards you can find some images and trimmings to put on one side and use in your crafting.  Such a shame for them to be wasted.
Don't forget our challenge this week is HOLLY - FAIRIES or BOTH and you still have time to enter HERE. 
Some fabulous cards and projects so far.  Good luck to everyone in the draw.
Tons of love from
Ann, Irene and Max.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Challenge 1 - Holly ... Fairies ... and a touch of New Year Magic!

Welcome Back To Bah! Humbug! Challenges 
We hope you all thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas break and that no one is suffering from burst pipes or received any nasty injuries as a result of the bad weather. 
The Humbuggers were all very lucky girls and got some super new stash to play with from Santa.  No doubt you'll be seeing some of it during the course of this year as we make our way through some brand new challenges.
YAY!  Lets's get started then.

For our first challenge of 2011, we thought we'd be kind and offer you a choice, hence the themes of 
Holly and Fairies
You decide whether you'd like to use one or the other ... or if you prefer you can combine the two.  Regulars will know that our first challenge of every month gives you the opportunity to win some crafty stash, so check out what we have up for grabs.   

Crafter's Companion Flower Fairies Stamp and CD
One lucky person will be randomly selected from all the entries after the challenge deadline and the winner's name will be announced at some point over the following weekend, in a separate post ... which is a change from last year.
We are very pleased to be joined this month by Carole of Camcraft Creations, who was one of the ladies who managed to complete all of our 2010 challenges and she's kindly agreed to be our January Guest Designer.  Take a look at her beautiful cards below and the other Humbugger samples.  
Unfotunately, our good friend and fellow DT member Irene hasn't been well so can't join us this week, but hopefully it won't be long until she feels much better and is back sharing her gorgeous cards with us all.     
Get Well Soon Irene xxx  We miss you!
Details of products used on all our examples can be found by clicking the names and visiting our personal blogs so take a peek.

The deadline for this challenge is

12 noon (UK time)
Thursday 13th January 2011
You are free to create whatever you like ... it doesn't have to be a card ... in fact, show us as many different Christmas Projects as you want to share.  
If you don't feel up to making a start on next years cards just yet, why not share a scrapbook page with us?  We'd love to see some of your Christmas activities and share your family festivities.
Just remember ... have fun and don't forget to leave us a direct link to your project in our comment box so we can come and admire your creativity.  We're really looking forward to seeing you all again.

Ann, Irene, Max

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Top Tip Tuesday ...1...

Hello, Bah! Humbug!  fans.  Did you have a good Christmas?  Did you party the night away or were you like some of us at Humbug Hall leading very quiet lives?  Whatever you did we hope you enjoyed it and are taking it nice and easy this week in preparation for a new year of fun challenges at Bah! Humbug!
To start the year off we are bringing you the very  first of this year's Top Tip Tuesdays and it's a real winner.  Well, we think it is...

When only the crumbs are left from your Christmas biscuits and chocolates make sure you save the tins.  With all the cards we will be stashing away during the coming months we will definitely need somewhere safe to keep them all and what better place than a Christmas themed storage tin.
I must admit when I bought my goodies this year as well as looking at price and content I also considered the tin size and which cards could be stored in it later. No round tins in my Christmas shopping basket!
The one in my photo is just the right size for 8" x 8" cards and envelopes.  I just need to find some space to store the tins now.  Eek!
Don't forget our first challenge of the year starts on Friday.  It's a good one with plenty of scope for you to use those new Christmas goodies and maybe even win some more as we have a great prize on offer too.
See you Friday - till then have fun.

Ann, Irene and Max xxx

Saturday, 1 January 2011

H A P P Y ... N E W ... Y E A R

"The Humbuggers" Would Like To Wish 
Friends Far and Near
Health and Happiness For The Coming Year