Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Top Tip Tuesday...Number 6...

This week's challenge here at Humbug Hall led us into delving into the darkest cobwebby corners of our craft stash to dig out the Art Metal we knew that we'd bought, used once or twice and stashed away years ago.
Wow, how could we forget how fabulous this stuff is when used in conjunction with brass stencils and embossing machines.  On the other hand how could we forget how easily it marks and how fragile it is when you first emboss it.  Eeeeeeeeek our first attempt here at the Hall ended up a complete metallic tragedy as the metal would not part from the rubber embossing mat.  Okay we might have been a little impatient wanting to see the results, but oh dear by the time we had removed the stencil the embossed metal had all kinds of bends and dents in it that we certainly didn't want it to have.
Then came one of those candle light (or maybe light bulb for those not living at the Hall) moments when we decided to try using an anti static bag on the metal before embossing.  Yeah it worked the powder stopped the rubber mat sticking to the stencil and the metal could be removed without damaging the design.

You have to polish the metal up after mounting it onto thick card, but at least the piece doesn't get any marks or dents in it that cannot be removed.
Hope you find this tip useful when experimenting with Art Metal.  If you haven't entered this week's 'metallic' challenge yet there is still time.  It can be found HERE!  Do check out some of the stunning designs being entered this week.  Everyone seems to be really pulling all the stops out and producing some of their best work ever.
Love and hugs
Ann and Max xxx

Extra tips from friend's comments...
Kathy said 'Or, if you mark it too much - you could always use alcohol (inks that is!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' - great idea Kathy - at Humbug Hall we think both types of alchohol would work well!
Valerie - don't panic the edges are not very sharp.  The metal is so thin that it's not really lethal.  Never been cut yet, but probably will be now we've made that statement.


  1. Or, if you mark it too much - you could always use alcohol (inks that is!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Excellent tip although the edges in your photo look lethal to me!!!
    Val x

  3. Thanks for the great tip. It does look gorgeous!

  4. That is a great tip - thanks a lot. I must dig my metal out and have a play although I've already made my card for this week.

  5. Hi Ann & Max - wonder if it was my entry that made you decide to dig out your Art Metal!!! lol I actually used an embossing folder for mine but it does work really well with brass stencils. If you have a paper stump then that makes life a little easier to "iron" out any problem areas.

    Hugs x

  6. Oh what a great idea! Now to find my metal, AND my bag! LOL xxD