Friday, 9 September 2011

Challenge 36 ... Paper Weaving ...

It's been absolutely 'HOACHING' here at Humbug Hall this week ... or for those not familiar with the Scottish lingo ... we've been overrun with these, (not so), little critters - EEEEEEEK!
Whilst common sense dictates that we Bah Humbuggers shouldn't be scared of them, given that they're so much smaller than us ... (and let's face it, no one ever heard of a spider squishing a human lol) ... that doesn't deter us from screaming and running for cover like demented idiots whenever we catch sight of them scurrying across the floor, up the walls, down the curtains, along the skirting boards .... eurrrgghhhh .... just the thought is enough to bring on the shudders.  Then comes the inevitable pushing and shoving at each other until Ann eventually loses and is dispatched to deal with them, armed with the extra long handled spider-catcher, of course! 
One push of the trigger opens the bristles and when released,  the offending invader is captured and can be safely returned to the garden - that is until it decides to come back in out of the rain, bringing along all the family for an arachna-shindig!   Taking a bit of a liberty really don'tcha' think?
... the point is that all this arachna-batic activity coincides quite nicely with our theme for this week's challenge, which is
Paper Weaving
Now unfortunately, Humbugger Ann got a bit fed up being our "Chief Spider-Catcher Extaordinaire" and decided to escape on her jollies - this time to Gran Canaria, ... (hmmmm ... wonder how big the spiders are over there?) ... so there will be an obvious gap in our gallery for the next couple of weeks.
thank goodness she left the extra-long-handled-
gadget thingy behind ... because Guest Designer Barb is going to need it LOL!    Speaking of Barb, she's been busy spinning her own beautiful wee web this week ... you have just got to take a look and admire her fabulous work.  Just click the links below to visit our DT personal blogs.
Max - Max's Craft Creations
Barb - Made For Keeps
The deadline for this challenge is 
12 noon (UK time)
Thursday 15th September 2011
You are free to create whatever you like ... it doesn't have to be a card ... in fact, show us as many different Christmas Projects as you want to share.  
Just remember ... have fun and don't forget to leave us a direct link to your project in our comment box so we can come and admire your creativity.  We may not always manage to leave a comment, but we view every single entry and gratefully appreciate your continued support of our challenges.
Oooooh ... also don't forget to check back this weekend and see who our lucky September Prize Winner is.


  1. Weaving, that was unexpected! I'll have to put my thinking cap on - great cards by the DT btw.
    Luckily I'm not scared of spiders but my 21 yr old grandson is - the big Jessy!

  2. The last thing I expected when I opened the "humblog" this morning was to see that gruesome critter! I almost thought I was in the wrong castle! We do have our share of spiders, to the point where we nearly named our place "Wibels Web"! Anyway, I do fancy that spider catcher. I've never seen one of those here. Anyway, Max, your card is so pretty! I like pink and green together. Ann, I hope you are having a good time and don't worry about us, we'll make sure the spiders don't scare off all of our creative friends! Luv'n'hugs!

  3. Euggggh........ itty bitty ones or huge hairy ones, I'm with you Max - definitely not my favourite insect at all and we seem to be overrun with them at the moment as well. Hope Ann doesn't find any in GC if she's left the spider gadget behind!!! lol Off to have a think about this one - love Barbs creations.

  4. ICK!!!! those creatures are hideous. I have made a pact with mother nature, if the things that are supposed to live outside my house stay outside my house I will leave them alone but if they come across my threshold all bets are off and they are likely to be dealt a life ending crunch.
    I'm still squirming.

  5. That is a most discussting thing. Turned my stomach.
    But the beautiful DT samples made it all better.


  6. I love the theme for this week but not the spiders! Made me shudder just seeing the photo.

    Here's my card for this week.

  7. oh my oh my what a big one ......eekkk i no like

    here is my card
    hugs lindyloo x

  8. This was a new one for me, great cards ladies.
    my card is here
    Beryl x

  9. Paper Weaving!! Whose idea was that, I bet it was that Ann's and then she did a runner to Gran Canaria lol. Anyway got my brain cell into gear and came up with this card.

  10. Yuck! I thought we had yucky spiders. Those are just terrible! You guys can keep them over there! =)

    Here is my card.

    Thanks for hosting!! Hugs, Sarah T

  11. Thanks for another great challenge this week - my card is here

    I do hope you've solved your spider problem!!

  12. You can definately keep your spiders....not my favoutire thing either.....great challenge again ladies so I had better go and get my thinking cap on...


  13. I like your spider catcher - could use one here at times, too.
    Lovely DT cards and a fun challenge!
    Here's mine:

  14. Thanks Ann and Max - I really enjoyed this challenge. You can find my card here.

  15. Spiders, yuck! I've never seen one of those spider catchers...but now I really want one! We get yellow house spiders in the spring, and spider-crickets in the winter, and this would come in really handy. I let the spiders take over our porch garden this year; it did help keep away bugs, but now I have GIANT furry spiders! Too big for that gadget...there's one I'm thinking of just naming and putting a collar on LOL!
    Super challenge...can't wait to try it.

  16. Another great theme girls - love your samples! You'll find mine here

    Thanks for looking
    Ann x

  17. Thanks for the challenge girls, but you can keep the spiders!!! The samples as always are wonderful. Here is my card

  18. Oh dear, hope you can get rid of all the spiders!!! The pic got me thinking of Halloween cards :)

    Here's my card.

    Thanks for a great challenge, it was very inspirational.


  19. Hello Ladies -

    I hope Humbug Hall is being rid of those nasty little beasts. I have made some Woven Hearts which you could use to hide a few of the little buggers.

    I must say, this challenge really had my thinking and working. I'm glad I stuck through but I almost tossed these hearts on the scrap heap. I just couldn't figure out the weaving pattern at first. Now that I've done it, it makes perfect sense. Isn't that the way it always works?

  20. Thanks for the challenge. It was a first for me. My card is here
    Hugs x ChrisB

  21. A spider catcher, great idea! And gorgeous cards! You can find mine here

  22. Gosh, I had a whole long comment and I couldn't get it to post. Now I'm on the laptop and downstairs and I don't have my formula so I'll have to just give you my link. Love your cards, the spider...not so much. Glad they didn't infest until after my leaving. LOL xxD

  23. hello, je participe a ce super challenge, merci

  24. I'm not scared of spiders but don't think I'll go near paper weaving for a while lol.
    Here is my card:

    Great DT work girls. Carol x

  25. You can view my card here at
    I weaved ribbon through the side of my DP.