Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Top Tip Tuesday...

Something new on Bah! Humbug! and something that may become a regular weekly feature or it may just crop up randomly when one of the team feel they have something they consider shareworthy - we'll see.

Anyway this week I want to share some bargains with you.
The January sale frenzy is coming to a close, but that's just when you can pick things up really, really cheaply and, provided you have a place to store them, you can get some great deals for Christmas.
I bought this set of gift bags and wrap at Tesco - reduced from £3 to only 70p!  Quite good for 3 gift bags and 2 sheets of wrapping paper me thinks and of course, being a crafter, I spotted the plain red bag in the set and immediately thought 'ooooooooh I can make that a bit more glitzy!'

Carrying on our Bah! Humbug glitter theme I cut a scalloped circle and snowflake out of glitter card and matted and layered them on to the bag. 
I used a small section of one of the wrapping papers and the original tag that was on the bag to mat the snowflake on. In the centre of the snowflake is a self adhesive gem stone ... which reminds me if you have a Poundland nearby watch out for these packs of gems...

They stick really well and ... okay some of the stones are a size that Elizabeth Taylor might wear ... but there's 120+ in the set so lots to go at and let's face it you can never have too much bling in your stash.
Hopefully you've enjoyed our first Top Tip Tuesday and don't forget to bring out your glitter for this week's challenge HERE. 
It might be nice to see some glittery gift bags out there as well as cards.


  1. Great top tip.. the bag looks fab! Definitely worth a go me thinks ;)

    Elaine x

  2. Wow Ann, a brilliant tip and a great idea
    Beryl x

  3. Loving your tip, very share worthy.

  4. Thanks for the heads up Anne =)
    My top tip for today would be ...
    After your shower, make sure you pick up the blue hairdryer and NOT the blue heat gun! Close call!

  5. good tip Ann and good heads up for poundland, must go and have a look, need some 3d ppads as well


  6. oh Max what are you like?!!
    Ann xxx

  7. They're obviously not keeping you busy enough at work Ann.lol. Love what you've done with the bag - I bet they won't have any of those bargains in our closest Tesco but I'll check it out when I go.
    Beryl xx

  8. Beryl I'm on auto pilot this week. Still training and it's mind blowing stuff!! Fun though.
    Ann xxx

  9. Thanks for your tip, been into our Poundland but NO Gems, will look out for bargains when I go to Tesco or Sainsburys.
    Boots had a sale but by the time I went everything had been sold.
    Christine xx

  10. Now you know I love a bargain Ann - great stuff - always on the look out. Tess x

  11. Fab tip, I will have to go and check out Tescos near work. They have some fab sets of stick on gems for 99p in Home Bargains if you have one of them close to you. Debs x