Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Rainy Days...

... are so boring!  So let's try work together to get the sun shining here in England again. 

During my huge clearout session at the weekend I found a pretty useful sentiment stamp on EZ foam - twice!!!  

So that means I have a spare if anyone would like it!

The sentiment is ...

'A Very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year' in swirly writing - very useful for both front and inside of cards.

If you would like this posting on to you please leave a comment saying 'Rain, rain go away' in the comments box.  You never know the collective effort might just work.

I'll put all the names in a hat first thing tomorrow morning and announce a winner shortly after.

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  1. Rain, rain go away...thanks for the chance

    Oh this rain is driving me mad, so cold I've had to put the heating back on.Our poor dog Charlie, who is a greyhound gets cold really quick, & loves to curl up under the radiator to keep warm lol

    hugs shell

  2. Rain rain go away, please!! :-)

  3. I agree - Rain, rain Go Away!! I hope this works and good luck everyone for winning the stamp and thanks for offering it.

  4. rain rain go away! - well it's worked here in Cornwall!
    hugs, annie x

  5. Don't put me in the hat Annie as that set I got from you last year is really useful - but rain,rain go away anyway.
    Beryl xx

  6. LOL ... you are a nutter but I'll play along =)
    Rain, Rain Go Away


    PS: Don't put me in the hat - I get claustraphobic LOL!

  7. Rain, rain go away! It's supposed to be the suns turn to play!
    Love as always Gina x x x

  8. Rain, rain, go AWAY! Don't come back 'til when we say! Good luck with this. xxD

  9. Rain Rain go away.

    We have it here too and let me tell you my back yard is now a swamp.

    Emily C

  10. Rain, rain go away! I want to ride my horse!

    Janet xx

  11. oh dear what have I started ? YOu are all as mad as me!!
    Ann xxx

  12. Rain Rain Go Away -
    Let's Send Some Sunshine Sweet Ann's Way!
    That Would Really Make Her Day!

    Miss you - hope to rejoin in the challenges soon!


  13. Tooo funny! "Rain, rain, go away"!!! I could use a little prayer like that over here in Canada too!!! We're drowning!!! Thanks for the chance!

  14. Rain rain go away and go somewhere they need it! like the countries that have droughts!! pretty please! even though my ducks love it! :0) the chickens hate it! lol GRIN!