Monday, 12 July 2010

Spot Prize Time

Yes Everyone it's Spot Prize time again, and who is our lucky winner ?????
Drum roll please, our lucky winner is oooooooooo shall I tell, or keep you all in suspense ????
Guess I had better spill the beans or I will be getting told off from Ann and Max.

Yes Karen it's you !!!!!!!

Karen of Serendipity Dragonfly

Well done Karen. To everyone else please don't despair as there are many more surprises to come in future weeks.

Just to clarify our spot prizes are awarded on a randomly selected basis from the loyal entrants to our challenges. We couldn't possibly choose a winner by picking out the best cards. Way toooo difficult as they are all so good!

Karen, can you please e-mail the team with your snail mail address- address is on the side bar within 4 days to claim your prize. No we are not letting on what the surprise is as that would spoil it for Karen.

Our latest challange A Special Card for a Friend can be found here.

Ann, Max, Irene


  1. Congratulations Karen:D XXX

  2. Congratulations Karen. Debs xx

  3. Well Girls - can't believe I've been chosen. Getting ready to jump on our great postie Dave (not sure he will appreciate that though!!! lol). Thanks to everyone for their congraulations mesages. Karen xxx

  4. Well done Karen on winning the Spot Prize. I loved your card and am so glad it won. Although I belong to the Cardmakers Group I do not belong to Bah! Hmbug! or take part in the challenges as I am not always well enough to meet deadlines or make cards regularly but I do check all the cards posted.

    Congratulations again,
    Joyce x