Friday, 19 February 2010

Humbugger Holiday

You all know the Cliff Richard song ...
"We're all going on a Summer Holiday ..."

Have you got the tune in your head? Good.
Let me hear you sing ...
"We're all going on a Febby Holiday ..."
Let me explain ... if I can stop squealing for long enough. *Squeal*

Ann, Irene and myself have been pals now for many years having 'met' online through an MSN cardmaking group and there was an instant bond of friendship between us.

Since then there have been a gazillion phone calls between us and we have probably spent far more hours than we should admit to, gas-bagging about family, work and, of course, crafting.

I have met up with Irene several times, when visiting Sunderland with my daughter for ten pin bowling tournaments ... and Irene has met Ann more times than I can remember ... AND they've even had sleepovers!

Sadly, we've never managed to coordinate our individual schedules well enough to organise a 'threesome' - although in fairness, living a few hundred miles away from them has been a major factor.


With a little 'jiggery-pokery' behind the scenes, we are finally, finally going to get together - all of us - in one place - at the same time! EEEK! Can you imagine?

I can guarantee it will be an absolute hoot, with laughter on the agenda every day!! How on earth will we cope?! My butterflies have butterflies!
*Squeal* *Squeal*
My hubby has expressed concern about whether my snoring will be an issue BUT as I only snore when I'm asleep ... and I'm far too excited for that ... problem solved!

Now, as we will be away having fun together from 19th - 26th February, that obviously means that Bah! Humbug! will be unmanned for a week.
Shock! Horror!! Unthinkable!!!

We have made the decision to have a Challenge- Free week and let you all enjoy a wee breather too. Aren't we just the kindest Challenge Hostesses you know? My advice is that you take this opportunity to charge your batteries ready for our return, as I promise it will be full steam ahead for the rest of the year.

Soooo ... I hope you will all forgive us being selfish and allow us this little indulgence ... just this once. We'll probably be back before you even miss us.

As I started with a song, I thought I'd finish with one too ...

"I'm so excited!
An' I just can't hide it!
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!"



  1. Ooo! I'm so happy for you three! And a bit jealous! It sounds like a great time will be had by all and we will want all the deets (and I DO mean pics) when you return! Enjoy the week off and don't worry about us; we'll just sit around, twiddling our thumbs --- yeah, right! You will be missed!

    Barb Wibel

  2. Wishing you all a very happy 'febby holiday' Look forward to hearing all about it on your return :-)
    Carole x

  3. Man, I'd love a road trip myself, you gals have a grand time, we'll be here when you get back. Look forward to hearing all about it and pics.

  4. Hi girls, have fun, don't forget the piccies!!! Is York ready?? hee hee love Steph

  5. Have a fab time, and don't do anything I wouldn't lol. Looking forward to hearing about all your adventure
    Claire xx

  6. OMG...i beeter warn the Police !!!!The Gang will be on the loose from 19th -26th a whole week!!!
    Enjoy yourselves have fun!Have a drink on sure there will be some with Ann and the
    love n hugs safe journeys

  7. phew a breather then - not quite finished my snowman entry so Ive got time now! Love the idea of a Febby holiday with your bloggy buddies how cool is that! I get together regularly with some fab crafty folks and we go away for weekend retreats a few times a year so I know just how excited you are - I also snore and worried alot about that at first but I just take ear plugs with me and no one seems to mind a jot! Have loads of fun and take lots of pics to share when you get back when hopefully my snowman card will be finished too! xx

  8. Have a great time away together and I shall look forward to your return and yet another challange.

    Have fun guys....


  9. Hope you have a great week - see you next week

  10. Thanks for the breather! Enjoy. Hugs xx

  11. Have a wonderful time, do you think you will have time to craft with all the laughter and merriment going on lol
    Beryl x

  12. Have a great time together. Enjoy!

    Pat xx

  13. Have a fabby time together girls
    hugs Mandy xx

  14. l think we can allow you 3 to take some time out LOL !!
    Have a fabulous time Girls !
    susan X

  15. Have a fantastic time - but remember you've got to come back!!!! lol Look forward to hearing what you all got up to.......... or perhaps that might just be a bit too much information.


    Karen x

  16. OMG, how ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! Lucky girls, have a great time! xxD

  17. Ooh wishing you all a good time, make sure you fill us in on all the gossip when you get back. I don't know if I can manage a Christmas free week I might just go and find myself another challenge but don't worry I will be back. Hugs Debs xx

  18. I do hope you all have a lovely holiday together.
    Beryl xx

  19. You girls enjoy yourselves - are the craft shops safe...I doubt it!!! Have fun
    Sam x

  20. wow!! Sounds like you girls are really going to live it up! Have a fantabulous time and make sure loadsa piccies are taken for us all to share in your fun. xxx

  21. hope you are having a fun time and the snowy weather isn't spoiling things - bah humbug to it! catch up with you when you all get back.
    hugs, annie x