Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Top Tip Tuesday...Number 5...

Remember this post!

Hmm, well last year we Humbuggers had very good intentions, but somehow when December came around there was way too much moaning and groaning along the drafty corridors at Humbug Hall.  Lots of lovely cards, but no inners and there is nothing more boring or painful than trying to do lots of inners all at the same time.  Especially if you need to complete them in a rush because they have to be posted before the next snow storm.  Eeeeeeeeek remember all that snow! 
Anyway this year our halos will shine brightly because we are going to do the inners as we make our cards - well most of the time anyway!
So this week's Top Tip Tuesday is...
Complete your card inners at the same time as you make your cards.

We have heard along the grapevine that one of our loyal participants is being super organised and is not only completing the inners as she goes along, but also has a tick list of people she sends cards to so that all the ones she makes are suitable for the recipients.  Phew, we are in complete awe of such super organisational skills and only wish we could be half as organised.
So far we have seen the most amazing entries for our 'Things that fly' challenge, which can be found here.  We knew this was an easy challenge, but it hasn't stopped you all from really pulling out all the stops to wow us with your creativity.  Absolutely amazing cards on show this week and we are just so enjoying hopping or should we say 'flying' around your blogs to see them all.
Have a good week everyone and if you have time 'fly' around every one's entries and check out the fab work on show.
Ann and Max xxx


  1. An excellent top tip. Last year I was very good and made inners for each set of cards as I made them, but I haven't done so for the ones in this challenge so far. I think I had better have an 'inner' day, because it is so frustrating when you are rushing to meet last posting dates and your cards just aren't ready. Thanks for the nudge! Kate x

  2. Even worse is having a birthday card in your bag all ready to post to arrive (you hope) next day, showing it to a friend on your way to the post office and finding that not only have you not signed it but you haven't made the inner. How do I know? Weeeellll......

  3. Hi! This post made me smile as you are saying what I'm thinking - only got to the thinking stage so far but you never know... Hugs xx

  4. OH SO SORRY about the things that fly entry.. I just saw it on one of my friends shares and thought hmmm I have something that flies a butterfly! LOL!!! wasnt thinking XMAS things!! SORRY GIRLS!! Will pay closer attention next time! THANKS for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment anyway!!! :)

  5. Well, I'm THE WORST at this so....all I can say is I HATE that very organized person! Just kidding...sort of...but the chances of me ever getting to that state is slim to none! LOL Love the thought, though. xxD

  6. You've hit on the subject that really bugs me as I do just that..... make all the lovely cards and then have to do soooo many inserts - all shapes and sizes. It takes the pleasure out of making the cards somehow........ this year I did say I was going to make them at the same time as the card but up til now I haven't!!! Promise to be on my best behaviour from now on......

  7. You are so right! I think an 'inner' day would be in order for me too. :)