Friday, 1 April 2011

Challenge 13 ... Cards That Make You Giggle

We Humbuggers thought it would be nice to introduce a little more culture and finesse to Humbug Hall in 2011 and our fabulous Guest Designers are certainly helping us to achieve that.   April brings with it the opportunity to introduce 2 more wonderfully talented crafters and showcase some of their gorgeous work.  Please join us in giving the warmest ever Humbuggy Welcome to 
Veronica - Vroncards
Kelly - Pink Crafty Devil
They are continuing to maintain the high standards already set by previous guests, as you will clearly see when you scroll down to view their samples.  But just before that,  we wondered whether to spoil you completely and include some of our very own, homegrown, Humbug Hall creative poetry?   Hmmmm ... Maybe So ... Maybe No!  
As a way of testing the water, we've put together a little ditty especially for you 
... and it goes like this ...
 April Fools
"Ann and Max from Humbug Hall
Are North of the Border and having a ball.
 Max invited Ann to stay
To come and eat haggis and have a play.
 We've oodles of ribbons and paper and more
Crafty goodies and treasures galore.
A trip on the train to the capital city
Excited Humbuggers are sitting pretty.
Shopping and bagpipes - a man in a kilt
Max'll make sure that no wine is spilt!
It's a wee bit grey and a wee bit 'dreich'
Sunshine rays playing hide'n'seek. 
Humbuggers don't care -we're doing just fine
Crafting and stamping and slugging red wine.
So much temptation - the time flies too fast!
Thank goodness at least the memories'll last. 
Hang on a minute ... who's that at the door?
"Hoots mon!"  There's something a wee bit braw'
They're gone like a flash and no wonder 'cos look!
These hunks have arrived with a bedtime book.
A wee bitty naughty ... a LOT bitty nice
The Humbuggers don't need asking twice!
   THEIR task is judging the best 'botty-wiggle'
... AND YOURS is for cards to make you giggle."

SO!  What do you think?  
Yeah ... okay ... we're never going to be Poet Laureate contenders but it passes the grade as a bit of fun!   
So if you've read properly then you've worked out that this week we'd like to see cards and projects that make you giggle or smile ... either with an image or sentiment ... AND  
... BECAUSE The Humbuggers are in Bonnie Scotland, you have the option to use a touch of tartan too!  Have a peek and see what our invited guests have done to inspire you by clicking the names below - and then check out Humbugger Ann's wee cutie.  
Ahem ... Humbugger Max is (predictably) STILL making sure the wine doesn't spill so there's no submission from her!!  Maybe next week?

The deadline for this challenge is 
12 noon (UK time)
Thursday 7th April 2011
You are free to create whatever you like ... it doesn't have to be a card ... in fact, show us as many different Christmas Projects as you want to share.  
Just remember ... have fun and don't forget to leave us a direct link to your project in our comment box so we can come and admire your creativity.
AND FINALLY ... here's a sneaky peeky at our regular Monthly prize which will be awarded to one lucky winner, picked at random from this week's entries. 
Ann and Max xxx


  1. Oh MY, ladies! You sound like you're having WAY too much fun! This is a great one! LOL CAn't wait to play! xxD

  2. Thinking caps on here girls, love the DT cards as usual. Jenny xx

  3. Ooh, gonna have to rummage through my stash for this one! Sounds like you both are having a lovely time time in Scotland.

  4. Love the ditty and the theme this week - sounds as if you had a great time. Smiley cards from the DT too.

  5. I enjoyed your little ditty and what an eyebrow raising card oh er missus.
    Hope to have time to play this week.

  6. Lol! What a fun challenge x

  7. Wonderful DT cards! Everyone always has a good time in Scotland! Mine is here

    Janet xx

  8. Hello ladies oh I have enjoyed your post today
    here is my card
    hugs linda x

  9. Why don't l get cards like 'that' card, will have a good think on this one and see what l can conme up with x Susan x

  10. Okay, it's official, I've got one card done.
    here it is

  11. Wonderful card from the dt...
    Here is my card!

  12. What a great challenge this week ladies. I am making up for the very late card last week with this cheeky entry. Take Care Debs xx

  13. Hi all

    Here's my card - not as cheeky as Anne's I'm afraid!


  14. Love the cheeky card! Here's mine for this week.

  15. Hi enjoying the challenges.Hope you are having a great time here in Scotland.

  16. Thanks everyone - just got back home from Scotland. Had a brilliant week with Max - lots of laughs and lots of crafting - with a fair amount of wine too.
    Ann xxx

  17. Had a lovely week with my Humbugger buddy ... even though she FORCED me to do the wine thing lol! Just a shame the time went so quickly. Am already starting the savings fund for next year lol!

    Max's Craft Creations
    Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

  18. Fantastic cards ladies and I had to laugh at the ditty. Keep up the good work. Here is my card:-


  19. Well, I really thought I would have to forego this weeks challenge, as I really thought I couldn't do it . Anyway, I hope this card is suitable. Here is my card

  20. Love the DT cards. Here is my attempt:

    Carol x

  21. Sounds like you two are having way too much fun, or perhaps causing way too much trouble would be a better description! This one stumped me so hope my entry is humourous enough! Here's my card.


  22. Hi. I found this challenge a bit harder, but I had a go, and here is my card. Kate x

  23. Here's my card

    I love the poetry ladies!! Fabulous DT work too & I've made it a little earlier this week!!!

    Abi x

  24. Wow what fab cards this week.
    I have just been around and posted on everyone's blogs.
    Thanks very much for sharing everyone
    Kelly xxx

    P.s. Ann and Max, glad to hear that you have had such a wonderful time in Scotland. and thanks for the little poetry at the beginning.

    Kelly xx

  25. themessycraftroom4 April 2011 at 22:08

    Glad you had a great time. Love the ditty. Struggled this week. my cards at

    Hugs xChrisB

  26. Lots of fun from the team. My card is here x

  27. Hee Hee - love the poem & DT cards! Hope my card makes you giggle too:



  28. Great cards from the team!!
    Hopefully this card will raise a smile - see my entry here

  29. Oh Ann - I love your take on the Fully Monty crew. I bet you could make a fortune if you got someone to publish that one. Great fun cards from all the DT.
    My one is

    Beryl xx

  30. Heres my card...

    Thanks, Diane J x

  31. Thanks for the giggle this week ladies, great cards as always.

    Here is mine:

  32. Fab poem girls..

    Here's my card tee hee

    Ike xx

  33. So funny! Thank you for inspiration, here's my card Miria xx

  34. Hi ladies, WooHoo! for once not at the eleventh hour. Seem to have lost my code for the linking so you'll find my card at


  35. I hope my card makes you smile even though it isn't funny.
    Gina x

  36. Ok, I came across your site thru Donna Mungener and , even though this is not Christmas I thought you'd get a chuckle out of this! Enjoy!!! Hugs, Mary M

  37. Oh My .. truly fabulous DT cards .. have so made me giggle out loud!
    My entry can be found Here
    Carole x

  38. You've inspired me again girls! I knew what I wanted to do as soon as I saw the theme so the paper and pencil had to come out and a new digi was born lol!
    Great samples from all of you, my entry is <a href=">here</a>

    Thanks for looking.
    Ann x

  39. Hi Ladies - more great DT cards again this week. You can find my card here.

  40. Nothing like leaving it until the last minute! I love this image, he does make me smile whichis why I bought him. You'll find my cardhere
    Jenny x

  41. What a fun challenge!!! Mine is here>>>

  42. Hello ladies - I'm running a bit late but I think I'll still make it for today's post. Thank you for your wonderful cards and a great challenge. Here is my submission. I tested it and folks here did indeed giggle. I hope it meets your standards.

  43. I have made a card this week - but unfortunately it doesn't make you giggle (unless it is laughter that I haven't used my tree folder this week)
    Hope to join in next week :)

  44. Thank you for the giggle. Here is mine for you

  45. Love the DT cards! (And the poem)
    Here's mine for this week:

    Also, I've included a pic of the aperture card I revised.