Friday, 26 March 2010

Challenge 11 - Peel offs...

Hello Bah! Humbuggers!
I think we're all agreed that these challenges seem to be coming around faster every week but isn't it satisfying to see your Christmas card box steadily fill up?
This week our challenge is to use PEEL OFFS in your card or project.
The thing about peel offs and crafters is that we tend to fall into one of 3 categories. Which category do you fit into?
Do you ...

a. love them?
b. hate them?
c. feel indifferent about them?

Regardless how you feel, I can virtually guarantee you all have some in your stash and we want you to share your ideas.
So ... no groaning ... let's see how creative you can be with your peel offs.
Do you tend to play safe and only use borders or greetings?
Do you use marker pens on them to match your colour schemes?
Do you apply them to acetate?
Do you like using them as masks with ink and chalk?
Or are you really creative and like to build 3D designs or create scenes?
Show us!
Click the link below to see a video demonstration of various ways to use peel off stickers.
Peel Off Sticker Video Demo

If you would like to know more about our DT samples or leave us a comment, (always welcome), please click on the links below to visit our individual blogs.

The deadline for this challenge is
12 noon (UK time)
Thursday 1st April 2010
As always ... have fun and don't forget to leave us a direct link to your project in our comment box so we can come and admire your creativity.

Ann, Irene, Max


  1. Oh no!! I was taking part this week as well lol but I honestly don't own a single peel off!! I hate them hee hee... Will come back next week :)

    Hope you ladies are all well :)

    Elaine x

  2. Hello ladies will have to have a rake through my not used very often christmas peel offs to see what I can come up with!! Used to use them loads when I first started crafting but not now.... gorgeous cards again ladies, lots of love Steph

  3. Hello Ladies, I'm a newbie to your challenges but I'm liking them already. I'm a "play it safe" with borders and seniments so I'll try something different this week.
    Love as always Gina x x x

  4. I have a selection of peel offs but haven't used them for ages so this is my excuse to get through them and see what I can come up with.
    Love the cards you have made especially Ann's the embossing is really striking and its a combination I wouldn't have thought about.

  5. How convenient! I just bought $50 worth of peelies at the Expo because they're not that readily available here. WooHoo! Mostly borders, corners and sentiments, but we'll see. xxD

  6. Question? What are Peel-off? Is that the same thing as "stickers"? I've never heard the term peel-offs!.


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  8. **
    Feel free to use stickers if you don't have peel offs. Our challenges are really just for fun and we'd love for everyone to play along if they want to.

  9. I'm in the hate peel offs camp. I used them all of the time when I strated cardmaking and gradually used less and less until I sold them all. Of course I had bought oads of all sorts as that is what we cardmakers do when we like something don't we, so can;t join in this week, I'm afraid. I've noticed when on holiday in America that they don;t have peel offs on sale there. Marianne x

  10. This weeks challenge I found easy I have a drawer full of peel offs! Here is my card,.


  11. Morning Ladies !
    Fabulous cards from the DT
    l don´t have any problem using Peel-offs, they can sometimes finish a card off nicely, depending on the type used.l was very surprised at what is out there, and received a nice selection in a prize, so as a crafter, l try to put most things to good use !
    mine is Here
    Susan X

  12. Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for allowing those of us without "peel-offs" to create a card with stickers! I do have some nice Christmas Stickers and will work on my card today!

    Thanks again,

  13. Hi ladies, I am another who bought loads of peeloffs when starting out but don't tend to use them much now, only the occasional border to cover up my squiffy lines. you can find my card here
    The DT cards are fab. Debs xx

  14. Hi Ladies,

    After realizing it was okay to use a "Sticker" instead of a "Peel-Off", I was happy to join in on the challenge and knew exactly what Sticker I had in mind. I have to admit I am NOT a big "sticker" person, but I really do like Stickeroos and they are pretty much the only ones I use.

    I created a "Snowman" card and I used a Stickeroo from Penny Black.

    You can find my card over at my blog, simply Click Here!

    Thanks for another FUN challenge!


    PS: You learn something new every day and today I learned about Peel-Offs!!

  15. Hate the things but have hundreds of them, will try to find something to allow me to take part but it may only be a greeting!

  16. I'm one of those that does not like peel-offs but here is my effort

    many thanks for the spot prize gifts received last week - clear Christmas stamps, snowman ribbon and the most beautiful card. Tess x

  17. I used to use peel-offs but never do now, but I did find a few after digging deep!



    You Ladies have really pushed the boat out this week, the samples are really stunning.
    Babs x

  19. Hello ladies,
    Here is my card
    Hope its okay,
    lots of love Steph

  20. Hi Girls great challenge, the DT work is lovely, I am one of those who don't much care for peel-offs but I have a ton as I used to use them a lot and they do come in handy sometimes , you can see my entry Here
    Hugs Susie xx

  21. Back again. Here's my card, hope you like it. love as always Gina x x x

  22. Hello ladies, a great cahllenge I love peel offs, I just don't use them much now. You can find my card here .Doreen xxx

  23. wow stunning DT Cards...i am like most ladies and i used to use peel-off loads...but now not so
    heres mine
    thanx for looking...hugs Lesley xx

  24. Fab cards again ladies, I've had a rummage and found my poor neglected peel offs - my card is here
    claire xx

  25. Here's mine
    Just like going down memory lane!

  26. Hi girls! Not really a peeloff person any more like most of us. As skills grow and stash expands peeloffs seem to be relegated to the back of the cupboards. Raked them out though and hope I've used just enough to quilify. Here's my card. Hugs xx

  27. I must say I've not used peel-offs for ages but I do have lots. My card can be seen here

  28. Here is my entry for this weeks challenge. Fab. DT cards as well as entries. A fab. challenge indeed. Don't use peel offs often, usually only in an emergency when nothing else I have will work. Not bought any peel offs in a very long time. I am still using ones I bought from a site about 4 yrs. ago or maybe more, that were selling them cheap.
    Here is my entry
    Carole x

  29. Hello ladies I have just found your challenge great DT cards
    here is my card
    huggies lindyloo

  30. As I am feeling really guilty for not having joined in the challenges over the last couple of weeks I hope I will be forgiven by offering three cards for the peel off challenge. I'm neither a love or hate em girl but think they do have their place.

  31. Great challenge, the DT work is lovely , you can see my 2nd entry Here hope you don't mind me having another go
    Hugs Susie xx

  32. Here is mine ladies thanks for looking Love Cynthia x

  33. I've managed to find some that I don't mind using, You can find mine here

  34. O.K. link first-
    Here's my card
    I have peel offs, don't use them much, it seems to be hard for me to incorporate stamping with them for some reason, but I squeezed in a little sentiment.

  35. Hi Ladies. Great cards you have made. This is my first time of entering. I found you last week but just missed entering by half an hour. Never mind I have made it this week. Not my usual style of card but what the heck!! This is my card.


  36. Well Done Ladies your cards are amazing. I struggled a bit with this challenge, but in the end I managed it.Here's Mine Rita x

  37. Made it with a little time to spare. You'll see my effort

    Beryl xx

  38. I'm hoping this is my entry


  39. Here is my entry

    I don't know how to make it a proper link, but if someone can please tell I will do it for next time.