Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Top Tip Tuesday...Bargain Alert....

We've just spotted this on a shopping site this morning and thought it might be well worth passing on to our British followers. 

Superdrug are offering a 5% discount on their sales of First Class postage stamps.
Maybe not a huge saving, but if you consider that Royal Mail are increasing the prices on stamps from April 6th then the saving becomes far more worthwhile.  The stamps don't have a price on them so can be used at any time. 

We are all going to have so many cards ready to post this year (smug smiles allowed by everyone at this point) that maybe, if we can afford to spend ahead of time, we should get a supply of stamps at the ready too.

We also need to say a huge thanks to everyone for the amazing 'Tree' cards that have been entered so far this week.  It never fails to amaze us how different everyone's style is and just what wonderful ideas we see as we hop around blog land.  Thank you all so much for sharing your work.  If you haven't entered a card yet please leave a comment with a link to your card HERE.


  1. Great heads up Ann.


  2. The post is really getting expensiv these days! We could use a discount here as well. Great piccy of you guys together! xxD

  3. Thanks for the tip, I'll be buying some tomorrow!

    Janet xx

  4. Thanxs ever so Ann. Passed info. onto work any savings the charity is able to make with the postage will be much appreciated.