Friday, 20 May 2011

Challenge 20 ... Kinetic Cards...

Phew ... it's been a short and rather disruptive week at Humbug Hall but it's already time for another challenge.  Are you hyped up, ready and raring to go?
We're moving on, (s'cuse the pun), to our next challenge and this week we're being literal 'cos we'd like to see cards and projects that move in some way.  Ooooooo'errrrrrr ... naughty Humbuggers! 
So get your thinking caps on and let us see your creations Rockin'n'a'Rollin' ... Movin'n'a'Groovin' ... Poppin'n'a'Boppin' ... Slippin'n'a'Slidin' ... Swishin'n'a'Swayin' ... Twistin'n'a'Turnin' ... are you getting the drift?  Of course you are!
As always The Humbuggers and our Guest Designers, Clare and Karen have provided you with some wonderful inspiration which can be seen below.  If you'd like to know more details about this week's DT projects, or just want to leave some love for Ann, Max, Karen and Clare,  please click on the links above each image to visit our personal blogs.

Ann - Just for Fun

Karen - Serendipity Dragonfly

Clare - Miscanthus Crafts
The deadline for this challenge is 
12 noon (UK time)
Thursday 26th May 2011
You are free to create whatever you like ... it doesn't have to be a card ... in fact, show us as many different Christmas Projects as you want to share.  
Just remember ... have fun and don't forget to leave us a direct link to your project in our comment box so we can come and admire your creativity.
To prove we're not totally heartless,  we have provided a few links which may be useful and help galvanise those grey cells into action but if you're brain is buzzing with excitement and your fingers are flexed ready to get stuck in ... then don't let us hold you up - off you go!   We can't wait to see your results.
Waterfall Card - Video
Penny Spinner Card - Video
Pop Up Card - Video
Swing Card - Video
Endless Card - Video
Spinner Card - Video

Ann & Max


  1. oh wow! what neat DT cards, and what a fun challenge!!!

  2. Some great DT cards this week so will have to get myself 'moving' to see what I can come up with!!

  3. Oh a bit more difficult this week, thought I'd get my card in early before the time ran away again. Here it is

  4. Hi what a fun challenge I didn't say that when I was trying to take a photo of my card though, I had to put it on top of my alarm clock to stop it rolling away.

  5. I've had a go - you can see my card here

  6. I had another thought and made a cracker which moves when pulled - now I see in the heading you were asking for kinetic cards so got that wrong didn't I??

  7. Hi Ladies
    Another great challenge.
    My card is here


  8. This was definitely a challenge for me, but also fun! (Thanks for the links) As always, super DT cards.
    Here's mine:


  9. Hello Ladies, thought I'd shock you this week & be 2 days early lol! A great challenge for taking me out of my comfort zone & using up some old stash too!

    Very creative & fab DT cards.

    Here's my offering!

  10. Me too - I found this to be quite the difficult challenge. But I am so happy I took it on! See my spinner card here .

    Great inspiration again - thanks!
    Deanne :)

  11. WooHoo! I'm early for once! Thanks for the lovey inspiration. you can find my card HERE. xxD

  12. What lovely fun cards from the DT, thank you. Here is mine for this week.

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  14. Hi. This was a fun challenge for me. I last used this technique about five years ago, but I still like it. Here is my card
    Kate x

  15. I made this harder by being stupid - but here it is anyway - then I'm off to check the others

  16. themessycraftroom25 May 2011 at 21:50

    Hi ladies abusy week but my card is here
    Hugs x ChrisB

  17. Here is this week's attempt - I suppose I'm like the bad penny - keep turning up.


  18. Huge probs with blogger this morning. I've changed my password, tried at least 4 times to post and am now trying something different.

    If this doesn't work I will have to give up and stomp my way up the road to work

  19. Quick whilst blogger's working . . . .
    here’s my 2nd entry


  20. Just made it !
    Hi girls, fabulous creations from all the DT !
    Here is Mine ...
    susan x

  21. We received an e-mail from Carole who was having problems uploading her card today.

    "Such Fab. DT Cards. Love the theme. Have stuck to what I know and that is not much when it comes to Kinetic cards. My card can be found Here ..
    Thank you in anticipation.

    Carole x"