Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Top Tip Tuesday ...1...

Hello, Bah! Humbug!  fans.  Did you have a good Christmas?  Did you party the night away or were you like some of us at Humbug Hall leading very quiet lives?  Whatever you did we hope you enjoyed it and are taking it nice and easy this week in preparation for a new year of fun challenges at Bah! Humbug!
To start the year off we are bringing you the very  first of this year's Top Tip Tuesdays and it's a real winner.  Well, we think it is...

When only the crumbs are left from your Christmas biscuits and chocolates make sure you save the tins.  With all the cards we will be stashing away during the coming months we will definitely need somewhere safe to keep them all and what better place than a Christmas themed storage tin.
I must admit when I bought my goodies this year as well as looking at price and content I also considered the tin size and which cards could be stored in it later. No round tins in my Christmas shopping basket!
The one in my photo is just the right size for 8" x 8" cards and envelopes.  I just need to find some space to store the tins now.  Eek!
Don't forget our first challenge of the year starts on Friday.  It's a good one with plenty of scope for you to use those new Christmas goodies and maybe even win some more as we have a great prize on offer too.
See you Friday - till then have fun.

Ann, Irene and Max xxx


  1. themessycraftroom4 January 2011 at 08:14

    Hi, What a good idea, especially as got 2 tins of biscuits in the christmas sale at Tescoes. Hum!!! Just need someone to eat them all now. Hugs x ChrisB

  2. Can't wait to start the challenges again would you believe I had too many Christmas cards how fab is that.

  3. Hi Ann, Fab tip! I have been thinking what I could store my cards in without buying yet more storage boxes. Problem solved :-

    I am looking forward to the challenges starting on Friday because I am determined to be more organised this Christmas. Famous last words lol!

    Lisa x

  4. Great idea but as you say - where to keep the tins!!! Looking forward to Friday.

  5. Yes, a really good idea - but I bought boxes of biccies! doh.
    Sally x

  6. Hi Girls Happy New Year to you all. I use tins to transport cards to the craft market, as the lids are more secure than the plastic storage boxes. See you Friday Love Elizabeth xx

  7. Lovely tin but I don't think they make them big enough for my accumulations. (Would help if I sent a few. LOL) Can't wait 'til Friday. I'm NEVER done with Chritmas! xxD

  8. Great tip, looking forward to Friday.

  9. Now don't encourage me to go and buy biscuits please. The diet must start when all the Christmas goodies have gone and I'm doing my best to make that very soon.
    Beryl xx

  10. Good tip but I agree with Donna - need a humungous tin for all mine!!! lol Can't wait to join you on Friday to start all over again. Happy New Year to all Bah! Humbuggers!....now that sounds quite rude!

  11. Great idea! My tin was about to go in the bin, I'm off to rescue it now! I'll be back on Friday, Judith xx