Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Top Tip Tuesday ... on Wednesday!

Well, there's one thing about us girls at Humbug Hall we certainly keep you on your toes!  Just when you think that Tuesday is the day for Top Tips we spring one on a Wednesday and it's another goodie.  Well, it is if you haven't already donated last year's cards to a charity collection or (eeeeeeeeek) the bin.

Our tip this time is ...

'Recycle last year's Christmas cards.'

Not the beautiful handmade ones you have received of course.  They are far too precious to tamper with, but all those shop bought ones that might end up in a bin or taken to a recycling collection.  Well, why not recycle them yourselves.
On my 8" x 8" card I've used the whole of the front of an old card.  It didn't cost me anything to print and I didn't even have to add glitter as that was already on too.  What a bargain!?  All I had to do was mat and layer the image onto matching card, add some embellishments and a little embossing using my Fisker's Shape boss and hey presto card is finished.
Hope when you have a look through your cards you can find some images and trimmings to put on one side and use in your crafting.  Such a shame for them to be wasted.
Don't forget our challenge this week is HOLLY - FAIRIES or BOTH and you still have time to enter HERE. 
Some fabulous cards and projects so far.  Good luck to everyone in the draw.
Tons of love from
Ann, Irene and Max.


  1. Do I hear a future challenge coming on here??
    It's amazing what beautiful cards you can make from recycled cards.


  2. Love the way you have embossed the holly leaves, mine are already recycled for the Woodland Trust.

  3. A good tip that and my DIL always buys me cards with the thought that I might want to recycle parts of them - very thoughtful of her.

  4. Excellent card Ann. That robin image was far to good to end up in any bin. My cards are all in a box just waiting for a recycling challenge.
    Beryl xx

  5. Fab Tuesday Top Tip even it is on a Wednesday, I have mine saved ready to recycle.
    Christine xx